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While each and every service provider listed on this site is ranked according to an objective standard (Better Business Bureau rankings), readers should be aware that the owners of this website have affiliate relationships with most if not all of the service providers listed herein. Affiliate programs, first popularized by in 1996, offer website owners a commission when a reader purchases a product via an outbound link placed on the site by the affiliate.

Conflict of interest? While readers of "review sites" should always be on guard for potential conflicts of interest, and indeed our opinion about a provider or service may be influenced (either consciously or subconsciously) in part by the fact that we have a business relationship with that provider, we believe we mitigate that potential conflict in two ways. First and foremost, our rankings are based on objective BBB reports which can be easily verified by the reader (in fact, we provide the links to verify those reports). Secondly, the reviews and analyses of the resume writing services on this site are not penned by some anonymous reviewer. Instead, we are quite open about identifying the individual who provides the additional reviews and analysis that accompany each service provider listed on the site. We'll let him speak for himself:

"As a former professional resume writer, a published author and a contributor to a number of websites, my name and reputation matter to me. I'm not about to jeopardize either by recommending some product or service that I do not believe in.

Need proof? Take a cursory look at my reviews. I give some companies high fives, and I give some a real dressing down. Yet each company that I review – including those I advise my readers to avoid – make their affiliate programs readily available. If my name and reputation didn't matter, one would expect each of my reviews to be glowing. Or at least devoid of any negatives. But you won't find that here. I try to provide value to my readers by offering reviews that are impartial, accurate and honest to the best of my professional judgement."

-- David Alan Carter

Bottom line: while we always strive to provide information that is timely and accurate, any ranking, claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service upon which you intend to base a purchase decision should be verified by you directly with the service provider in question.

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