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David Alan Carter, a former professional resume writer, brings an insider's perspective to his reviews of online resume writing services. For ResumeProfessionalWriters, Carter takes a critical look at methods of operations, customer service, pricing and more. Review | Company's Home Page


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Below, find my take on the popular resume service Resume Professional Writers (website address: Pros & Cons, Pricing Points, Fast Facts, details from Better Business Bureau reports, and Complaints Summary. And of course, my recommendation. --David Alan Carter Review...
Initial Thoughts, Pros & Cons, Recommendation
About ResumeProfessionalWriters...
Pricing Points, Fast Facts, BBB, Complaints

This was a particularly painful assignment: gathering information for a review on Resume Professional Writers. The first thing that made it painful was the little drop-down "chat invitation" box. Don't want to chat? Click the X to make it disappear, but it will resurface 30 seconds later. Click it again, and back it comes. And again after that. And again and again, like something out of "Night of the Living Dead."

And then there was the writing. I'll get to that.

What I Liked (the Pros)

I can't think of anything I liked.

OK, I guess the pricing seems reasonable at first blush. Each pricing point -- Basic through Ultimate - adds amenities along the way. Amenities like thank-you letters, reference pages, lifetime document storage, etc. Of course, it's only actually reasonable if you're getting value for your money. Keep reading.

What I Didn't Like (the Cons)

Get past the home page of their website, and their very own writing exposes the underlying problem with this company. See if you can find the problem with the following sentence, lifted verbatim from their "About Us" page:

"We secure that we put in place only highly qualified people to secure that we deliver outstanding work outputs for all our clients."

If you think this is bordering on gibberish, you're right -- but that's because English is your native language. English is obviously not the native language of whoever wrote this. Which begs the question, if the company is outsourcing the critical marketing text on the website to writers for whom English is not their first language, then who in the world is writing the resumes? I shudder.

Here's another good one, also from their "About Us" page:

"We have been maintaining an impressive record of 92% higher chance of making our clients received several job interviews or winning the job based on surveys of major publications."


The resume samples posted on the company's site are so small as to be practically impossible to read. Click your page ZOOM to solve the problem. Once enlarged enough to read, I saw numerous cases of mixing up adjectives and nouns, mixing up past and present tense, etc.

A physical address for the company is nowhere to be found on the website. We found it -- a single-family home in Simi Valley, CA -- but only by hunting down the BBB report on the firm.

Review Summary and Recommendation

On the surface, Resume Professional Writers seems legitimate, with a slick website, blog and social media presence. But every indication points to writers for whom English is not their native language. Complaints on the Web are accumulating, and the BBB has only been tracking them since April of 2012.

My advice is to seek out a service with a higher BBB score, certified writers doing the work, and few or no complaints dogging them. Go to our home page to see our list of the most popular online resume writers who make the grade (hint: look for Better Business Bureau scores of "A" or "A+").  

I recommend avoiding...

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter

Pricing Points:
Basic Deluxe Premium Ultimate
$125 $195 $305 $485
Fast Facts:

Company founded in Year: UNKNOWN

Company's Claim (UNVERIFIED): "We are one of the pioneers in the highly competitive industry of professional resume writing service. With over a decade of holding the market lead..."

Note: If they truly have over a decade in the business, it wasn't by the same name. Their domain name ( was created on January 13, 2010. Which, incidentally, coincides neatly with the first consumer complaint lodged against the firm on an internet forum.

Mailing Address: 3204 Sheri Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Presumably operates via a network of contract writers, but could not verify.
Better Business Bureau:

"D+" on a scale of A+ to F.

The BBB first opened a file on the company in 10/13/2014.

According to the BBB, among the factors that lowered the company's rating were 11 complaints filed against the business in the last 3 years, unresolved complaints, and failure to respond to complaints.

Link to the company's BBB Business Review.


For those consumers complaining on the website of the Better Business Bureau, the great majority were problems with the product/service. The following two examples are typical.

Complaint posted on 10/18/2016: "Absolutely terrible service...  The initial draft was poorly written, with numerous errors and improper English. At first I let this slide as this was of course the first draft... The revisions I received were even more appalling than the rough draft."

Complaint posted on 01/24/2014: "I feel that this Resume Service was below sub-standard. If it were not for my keen eye in proof reading, I would have been given a piece of worthless paper."

There are a significant and growing number of complaints posted on Internet forums, most notably from the sites and

Typical among complaints are those that note poor writing quality, grammar errors and misspellings, including this example...

"Resume I submitted was better than the resume I received back which had numerous grammatical errors and looked as if it was written by someone who was not a natural English speaker." -- 05/01/2012

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