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David Alan Carter, a former professional resume writer, brings an insider's perspective to his reviews of popular online resume writing services. For Resumes Planet, Carter takes a critical look at methods of operations, customer service, pricing and more.

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Resumes Planet Review

Below, find my take on the popular resume service Resumes Planet. Thoughts in general, as well as Pros & Cons, Pricing Points, Fast Facts, details from Better Business Bureau reports, and Complaints Summary. Active links where available. --David Alan Carter

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The budget pricing offered by is an instant draw for many folks looking to get a professionally-written resume. That, and an interview guarantee might seem to cinch the deal. After all, what could go wrong with a hundred dollar resume that promises interviews? Read on.

The company claims access to a network of 200+ writers. They say they'll pair you with a writer whose industry background most closely matches your own profession. So far so good. Problem is, you'll never actually speak with that writer. All communication is handled via "our special messaging systems," meaning email. There is no telephone interview. Readers will note that I have a bias toward the consultative, one-on-one phone interview, as I detail in What Should A Resume Cost?

Let's just get straight to the pros and cons of Resumes Planet:

What I Liked (the Pros)

24-hour turnaround is available.
The guarantee sounds nice, at least on paper. If you don't receive any invitations to job interviews within 30 days of receiving your resume, they'll revise your resume for free.
A refund is available, if you're really unhappy with the outcome. They offer "virtually unlimited" edits to the resume. Still not happy? They say you can request a refund, if you do it within 3 days of completion of the resume. Want to see this pro become a con? Read below.

What I Didn't Like (the Cons)

Writer qualifications are unclear. Under the company's FAQ's, they state that the 200+ writers in their network are "certified." Yet in the right hand margin that accompanies each page, they claim only that their writers are "professional." 
No consultative interview. No phone conversation at all with your writer. You fill out a form online, and then if you have something else to add, you can text your writer via their messaging system and hope he/she gets the message.
Samples suck. The writers haven't yet mastered Word; for example, they seem unable to indent the text in bullet points. There is no branding, keywords are the elementary stuff, and the resume layouts reek of templates.
Want to read the fine print regarding that Interview Guarantee? They say to "please visit our Guarantee Page." Good luck trying to find that page. I couldn't. I did find further details on the Terms and Conditions page. [Note: they spell it "Term and Conditions" on their site map.]
Think you deserve a refund? You've got your work cut out for you. Consider this from the company's Terms and Conditions page: "In case of a refund request due to bad quality of the Product, the Customer must provide strong reasons, and examples to back up the claim for refund. Only after an extended list of violations is provided, will the request for refund be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department for further investigation..."
Prepare to give up control of your cell phone. "By placing an Order, the Customer agrees to receive mobile phone alerts and updates from the Company" And it could cost you more than just aggravation. "The Company will not be responsible for any additional charges for the Company SMS Alerts that may be charged against the Customer by the mobile service provider." Quotes taken from Terms and Conditions page.

Review Summary and Recommendation

It's easy to be lured by a slick website, bargain pricing and promises of interviews. Resist the lure. These writers are having trouble with the English language, they're using tired templates and they're apparently doing little more than copying and pasting the information clients provide on the questionnaire. And a guarantee is only as good as the company standing behind it. I think the BBB score of "F" speaks volumes.

The following link is provided in case you want to verify for yourself, but I recommend avoiding...

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter

Pricing Points:
Entry Level Professional Executive
$89.95 $119.95 $149.95
Fast Facts:
Company founded in [unknown year]. The BBB opened a file on the parent company in 2006 and a separate file on Resumes Planet in 2010.

Parent company: Universal Research LLC. Additional company names and/or divisions include...

-- (an essay writing service)
-- Uniwork LLC

Additional web addresses include:

Mailing Address: 12020 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100, Reston, VA 20191

NOTE: The BBB has issued an alert on Universal Research LLC, stating that mail sent to this address on 09/22/2011 was returned as "Undeliverable as Addressed."

Resume service operates via a network of independent, freelance writers.
Better Business Bureau:
"F" on a scale of A+ to F.

NOT a BBB Accredited Business.

Link to Resumes Planet BBB Business Review
Link to the parent BBB Business Review

Update 01/31/2015: The BBB rating that had been an "F" for the parent company has now been turned into "No Rating" for the following reason; "Universal Research LLC is believed to be out of business." In a strange twist, the company Resumes Planet has popped up with it's own BBB report, not associated with the parent company. This file was initiated on August 13, 2014 with the BBB, and the company currently garners an "F" rating.
The company's failure to respond to a number of customer complaints contribute to the negative rating.
There are a number of complaints posted on Internet forums, most notably from the sites and Typically, complaints note poor writing quality and/or poor customer service.

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