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I tend to get skeptical when resume prices begin to approach $1000. Obviously, senior managers and executives have a depth of experience and a level of sophistication in their professions that demand resume writers with more going for them than simply the word "certified" after their names.

Writers who understand the corporate game at that level, can speak the language, and can craft a successful personal marketing campaign on a couple of sheets of paper, are invaluable. So it's not that such writers aren't worth $1,000. It's that such writers are simply hard to find. Lots of companies want to charge the charge, but few can back up their fee with that caliber of writing talent.

Here are two of the very few who can.

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Professional Resume Services, Inc.

Professional Level Executive Level
$595-1295 $1495-3495 | CEO Erin Kennedy, contributing author to 16 best-selling career books, leads a team of award-winning writers who turn resumes into cutting-edge marketing campaigns. Pricing equals value, but is not for the faint of heart. Read in-depth REVIEW.

Visit... Distinctive Documents

Entry-Level Mid Level Executive
$395 $595-695 $895 | Led by award-winning writer and CEO Michelle Dumas, the company is an internet pioneer in the world of executive resume writing -- over 20 years in business. Uncompromising quality and superb customer service. Read in-depth REVIEW.

How We Compiled Our List of Executive Resume Writers

Practically every resume service out there is offering to write "executive resumes" at some price or other. Even the notorious resume mills want to get in on the action. But we know from first hand experience that crafting a resume for a senior manager or executive is a different ball game altogether, and requires talent from a different league.

Among the things we considered when compiling our very short list of Executive Resume Writers...

Talent, Quality of Workmanship, Pricing and more

Top talent is tough to come by. But once you've got it, it tends to make its mark. We look for signs of top talent in certifications achieved, awards received, and contributions to best selling books in the genre.

The whole point of having top talent is the expression of that talent in the finished document. So we look for a superior level of workmanship in the resumes sampled on websites.

The cost of doing business with top talent is not for the faint of heart. We consider pricing not because high prices equal quality (it doesn't), but because low prices almost guarantees that you're not dealing with top talent. The pricing of a company's services for executive resume writing needs to be such that the writers with talent can earn a respectable living doing what they do best.

Candidates for top-level positions usually need more than a simple resume. So we looked at the broader offerings of companies, from CVs to cover letters to Linkedin Profile development and interview coaching.

What's A List Without Expert Opinion?

Once the list was compiled and the ranking complete, we tapped former professional resume writer David Alan Carter to take a look at each company. We asked him to filter their promotional materials, their sample resumes, their pricing and their guarantees through the lens of an insider. The results can be found both in the "thumbnail reviews" on this page, and the "in-depth reviews" located by following the associated links.

We sincerely hope you find what you're looking for in an executive resume writer, and that the collaboration produces a document that lands the job you're prepared for and deserve.

Best of luck,
Editor, Big List Of Resume Writers  


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